5 Advanced functions that you will take advantage of with Laraigo to create your Chatbot


The use of chatbots has been a great support for many companies that have a large flow of queries among their external and even internal customers.

Laraigo offers a list of very useful features when creating your virtual assistant that can be perfectly adapted to the particular needs that different companies may have in different market areas.

Here we show you 5 improved functions that you can only obtain with Laraigo for the creation of your Chatbot:

1. Omnichannel connection

With Laraigo you can create virtual assistants with the ability to integrate into the most popular communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, among other text and even voice conversation platforms.

You can configure a conversational flow with the different characteristics allowed by channel and take advantage of the interaction capabilities, unique to each platform, and thus take full advantage of the capabilities of an omnichannel virtual assistant with the ability to serve all your users 24/7, immediately from the channel they prefer.

2. Hot swapping and Live Chats

Automated conversation flows can cover the needs or queries of the vast majority of users, but sometimes the attention of a real person is necessary to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.

With Laraigo, you have the possibility of directing the attention of your users to real people who continue the conversation in real time and even programming them so that in some part of the automated flow they are referred to a specific group of agents, who in turn can view the history of interactions between the virtual assistant and customers.

3. Ability to tag conversations

When your company deals with a large number of conversations through all your communication channels, it is important to maintain order and group the interactions for better control of sales opportunities or complaints that require an immediate solution.

In Laraigo you can view all the interactions of your virtual assistant and the conversations of your team of agents with your clients in real time, observe their labels with notes and classify them as best suits you to keep the information relevant to your business organized and establish priorities in care of various cases.

4. Integrations with own systems

The interaction of your virtual assistants is not only limited to covering the need for immediate attention and information with your clients, they can also help you improve various internal processes in your business.

Laraigo has the ability to integrate the chatbots generated from our platform with external systems and your business’s own resources to be able to add to your virtual assistant, the ability to receive and deliver personalized information that generates new actions such as personalized offers, debt consultation and more. Resources that allow you to streamline processes and give your customers a better experience.

5. Enabled for the best AI on the market

If what you want is to elevate the experience of your customers to another level, you need to add to your virtual assistant the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence that allows you to identify the emotions or intentions of each interaction, as well as to achieve a natural language, among others. more benefits.

With Laraigo you have the possibility of integrating the best conversational Artificial Intelligences on the market such as Dialogflow (Google), Watson Assistant (IBM), Rasa, among others, into your virtual assistant.

Now that you know some of the main benefits you have with Laraigo for creating your virtual assistant, you just have to take the next step and start growing with us.


Do you want to start taking advantage of all the benefits that a chatbot can bring to your website? At Laraigo, we are chatbot specialists and we can help you integrate chatbots with automated flows on your website and social networks. Contact us to improve your service and experience with your customers on your digital channels such as WhatsApp Business, among others.


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