WhatsApp Business API


Sell more and build loyalty with WhatsApp Business API and a CRM


Nowadays, efficient customer management is fundamental for the success of any business. Having tools that allow us to maintain effective and personalized communication with our customers has become a priority. In this sense, the integration of the WhatsApp Business API with a CRM, is presented as an innovative solution that can revolutionize the way we interact with our customers and get better sales opportunities.


What is WhatsApp Business API?


WhatsApp Business API is a specialized version of WhatsApp designed specifically for companies. Through this API, organizations can manage the verification of their official WhatsApp account and use all the functions and features of the platform to improve their customer service.


With WhatsApp Business API, companies can send automated messages by connecting Chatbots with interactive flows and even Artificial Intelligence, send relevant notifications and much more. This allows for more agile and effective communication with customers, which in turn improves the user experience and strengthens the relationship between the company and their customers.


Benefits of WhatsApp Business API and CRM Integration


The integration of WhatsApp Business API with an Omnichannel CRM like Laraigo offers numerous benefits for customer management. Below, we will highlight some of the most important ones:


  • Multi-agent service by ticket assignment


The integration of WhatsApp Business API with an Omnichannel CRM like Laraigo, allows you to connect your entire sales or customer service team, regardless of the number of agents, with all users who communicate with your brand through WhastApp. The referral of attention can be randomly or assigned by teams through service tickets that you can view in the same Laraigo platform, all online.


  • Task automation


By integrating WhatsApp Business API and a CRM, it is possible to automate various tasks related to customer management. For example, automatic welcome messages, order confirmations, appointment reminders and much more can be sent. This saves time and resources and provides a seamless experience for customers.


  • Massive messages, segmentation and personalization


WhatsApp Business API plus a CRM such as Laraigo, allows you to schedule and send mass messages to a list of customers via WhatsApp, segmenting customers into specific groups based on different criteria, such as interests, purchase behavior, location, among others. This facilitates the personalization of messages and promotions, which increases the relevance of your campaigns and improves open, response and conversion rates.


  • Recording and tracking conversations


Thanks to the integration of WhatsApp Business API with an Omnichannel CRM such as Laraigo, it is possible to record and track all customer leads and conversions. This provides a comprehensive view of the history of all their interactions with your brand, enabling sales and customer service teams to provide a more complete and personalized service.


WhatsApp Business API and CRM integration is a powerful strategy to improve customer management. By leveraging WhatsApp’s capabilities and combining them with a robust CRM like Laraigo, businesses can provide exceptional, personalized and efficient service to their customers.


If you are interested in starting to take advantage of all the benefits that WhatsApp Business API integrated with an Omnichannel CRM like Laraigo can offer you, contact us so that one of our specialists can guide you with everything you need to start managing your customers better through this channel.


Why use a chatbot on WhatsApp?


Today, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their relationship with customers. WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, has become a valuable tool for businesses looking to connect with their customers effectively. In this article, we will explore why using a chatbot on WhatsApp can be beneficial for your business and how it can improve the customer experience.


What is a WhatsApp chatbot?


Before we delve into the benefits of WhatsApp chatbots, it’s important to know that the qualities you have with a virtual assistant through the special WhatsApp Business API features, are different from a regular WhatsApp Business account. A chatbot designed with a CRM like Laraigo, connected with WhatsApp Business API, can use artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation with a human being or interpret images, among other functions. They can be designed to answer frequently asked customer questions, provide useful information and even perform transactions.


Benefits of using a WhatsApp chatbot 


1. Available 24 hours a day


A WhatsApp chatbot can address customer needs at any time of the day. This means that your business doesn’t have to worry about having staff available to answer customer questions. A chatbot can answer frequently asked questions and provide useful information even when the business is closed.


2. Saves time and money


A WhatsApp chatbot can handle multiple conversations at the same time. This means that your business can handle many customer requests efficiently and without the need to hire more staff. In addition, chatbots can respond quickly to customer questions, which reduces the time customers have to wait for an answer.


3. Personalization of the customer experience


WhatsApp chatbots can be programmed to respond in a personalized way to customers. They can use customer data to provide specific recommendations and solutions to their problems. This can significantly improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.


4. Increases business efficiency


Using WhatsApp chatbots can help businesses automate tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time and resources. This can include automating ordering processes with the use of catalogs, payments and queries. By reducing the manual workload, chatbots can improve business efficiency and even grow your sales.


5. Increase customer retention


A WhatsApp chatbot can provide a fast and efficient customer service experience. This can make customers feel valued and cared for by the company. As a result, customers are more likely to return and make additional purchases in the future.


How to use a WhatsApp chatbot?


Now that we’ve covered the benefits of using a WhatsApp chatbot, it’s important to know how to implement it in your business. With the help of an Omnichannel CRM like Laraigo, you can create a chatbot from scratch with no programming knowledge and take full advantage of advanced features like the use of interactive menus, shopping cart and more benefits that you can connect with your WhatsApp Business API account.


Do you want to get a verified account? In Laraigo we also take care of the whole process to verify your account so you can take full advantage of all the available features of the WhastApp Business API.


In conclusion, the use of WhatsApp chatbots can have many benefits for your company. From more efficient customer service to increased retention and business opportunities with your customers or potential customers.


Contact us and one of our specialists will guide you with everything you need to connect a chatbot with all the advanced features of a WhatsApp Business API account.

Best practices for creating effective WhatsApp bulk message templates


Have you ever created a message template to send WhatsApp bulk messages? If so, you should know that an effective template can help you communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently. In this article, we are going to explore the best practices for creating effective WhatsApp bulk message templates that can improve communication with your customers.

Why use WhatsApp bulk messages templates?


WhatsApp bulk message templates can be a very useful tool to communicate more effectively a commercial offer or news of your brand with your customers. In addition, you can segment your communication to a list of customers or potential customers to get better results. Here are some of the best practices:


1. Be brief and to the point


When creating a WhatsApp message, it is important to be brief and to the point. WhatsApp messages have a character limitation, so make sure your message is short and to the point. In addition, the message should be easy to understand and respond to the customer’s needs and campaign objectives.


2. Personalize the message


It is important to personalize the message as much as possible. Include the customer’s name or information relevant to the context of the communication. This shows the customer that you are offering something special.


3. Use emojis


Emojis are an excellent way to add a personal touch to the message and make the communication more pleasant. However, be sure not to overdo it with emojis. Use only those that are relevant and appropriate.


4. Be cordial and friendly


WhatsApp messages tend to have a more informal tone than emails or formal letters. Use a friendly and cordial tone to make communication more pleasant and personal.


5. Include a call to action


At the end of the message, include a call to action to encourage the customer to take the action you want. For example, if you are sending a follow-up message template, you can include a call to action for the customer to schedule a new meeting with you, use a discount code, or confirm a service appointment.


6. Customize templates according to the stage of the customer’s lifecycle.


It is important to customize your mass message templates according to the stage of the customer lifecycle. WhatsApp message templates for potential customers will be different from message templates for loyal customers. Be sure to tailor the tone, message length and call to action based on the stage of each segment’s buying cycle.

Here are some of the best practices you should keep in mind when you start drafting your messaging campaigns. Start sending mass messages to a list of customers today or schedule one-to-one notifications through WhatsApp with Laraigo CRM Omnichannel.

Contact us and one of our specialists will immediately guide you to start taking advantage of all the benefits of the platform.