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We are a solution 100% in the cloud which is based on 3 pillars fundamentals of the new generation of platforms for Customer Management.

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Laraigo allows you to centralize and organize your clients and users' data on a single platform, thus guaranteeing that your entire team has access to the same information.

Thus, you will be able to increase the potential of your commercial opportunities and improve the service and experience of all your clients.

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All your communication channels in a single 100% cloud Omnichannel CRM.

You will achieve a holistic view of the interactions with your customers in real time and thus improve the experience and relationship with your users, making them more profitable and lasting.

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Virtual Assistants are revolutionizing the way we interact with our clients.

With Laraigo Omnichannel CRM you can generate Bots with basic or complex service flows and even add Artificial Intelligence with the ability to learn and adapt to the needs of your company and clients.

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Platform that allows you to integrate communication channels with any service or business application.
Manage your customer interactions through multiple channels. These channels include chat, phone, email, phone, sms and social media
It allows you to centralize and organize your customer and user data on a single platform, ensuring that your entire team has access to the same information.

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With Laraigo, you can manage and automate the flow of your orders and deliveries, which come from WhatsApp on a single platform.
It allows you to manage your company's sales by enabling a shopping cart in WhatsApp, which uses the product catalog, allows order processing and online payment management.
It facilitates the management of service requests and customer incidents, allowing the assignment of work teams, the configuration of service level agreements and the evaluation of their compliance.
With our solution you can schedule and send mass messaging campaigns via WhatsApp, email, phone calls, SMS, among others.
It uses artificial intelligence to analyze interactions with customers, providing information about their behavior, satisfaction, and more. It automates the generation of indicators and reports, and allows queries in natural language.

We create your plan with the functionalities what do you need.


We take care of keeping official integrations updated with the most popular communication channels and social networks on the market.

X (Twitter)
Web Form
Google My Business
Android SDK
Apple SDK

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Automate attention, send mass message campaigns and visualize all conversations with your clients generated from WhatsApp.

We take care of the integration.

Laraigo | Start

Program of partners

Generate higher earnings and diversify your service portfolio.

By being a partner of Laraigo you will be able to boost your business, increase your income and build customer loyalty by providing them with an alternative that will allow them to improve their customer-related processes.

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