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Unique connections, intelligent communication

We are a contactability platform where you can centralize and manage all interactions with your clients, integrating virtual assistants powered with Artificial Intelligence to all your communication channels.

Laraigo | Home V2

The solution you need in your business

Increase your sales, integrate all your communication channels, optimize customer service and leave complex and unproductive processes behind.

Laraigo | Home V2

Sell more, sell better

Automate your sales through WhatsApp with virtual assistants and follow up on your business opportunities.

Laraigo | Home V2

Improves attention

Respond 24/7 immediately through virtual assistants and centralize your channels on the same platform

Laraigo | Home V2

Forget about repetitive tasks

Automate your processes intelligently, optimize efforts and focus on what is important in your business.

Experience the power of Artificial Intelligence

Our great ally

Laraigo | Home V2

We have the support of IBM, one of the world's leading technology companies and the number one providing Artificial Intelligence services with its platform watsonx.

We have a flexible solution!

Able to integrate with any external or internal company system and 100% hosted on IBM Cloud. We are a solution that allows you to accelerate the implementation of virtual assistants to boost your business and take it to the next level.

Direct integration with any solution

Laraigo | Home V2
Laraigo | Home V2

Integration with all communication channels

Laraigo | Home V2

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Laraigo | Home V2
Laraigo | Home V2

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