Laraigo | 5 benefits you have with Laraigo Omnichannel CRM to grow your business


Laraigo | 5 benefits you have with Laraigo Omnichannel CRM to grow your business


5 benefits you have with Laraigo Omnichannel CRM to grow your business

There are many benefits that a good CRM can bring to your business, from helping you organize management and business processes, to contributing to your strategy to improve your customers' experience.

Today, there are several solutions on the market with different functionalities that you need to evaluate before choosing one of them. Here we leave you 5 advantages of working with Laraigo Omnichannel CRM to grow your business.

1. Omnichannel CRM (Omnichannel)

An important feature that you should evaluate when deciding on a CRM for your company is the ability to integrate all your customer interactions from various communication channels, to ensure a holistic user experience with your brand.

With Laraigo, you can integrate all the interactions of your text, voice and social media communication channels on the same platform to facilitate the management of your users' information and data. This allows, for example, your clients to begin their service through one channel and continue their interaction in another medium, without having to start their case again every time they change channels, ensuring your consumers a better service and to your sales team, improve the treatment and conversion of sales opportunities.

2. Automation + Artificial Intelligence

The automation It is key to streamlining the processes of various companies, improving response times and allocating the time of your human team to valuable activities that really require it.

Laraigo allows you to automate various actions such as scheduling notifications or alerts, sending various message templates associated with various conversational flows and more, which improve customer service management and the treatment of commercial opportunities, and thus, improve the productivity of your human team and optimize payroll costs. In addition, Laraigo offers the possibility of integrating the management of all the information and data of your clients and their interactions with your company, with artificial intelligence that analyzes and interprets all the data in real time, and thus you can have greater knowledge and understanding of your users, to make better decisions that allow you to achieve better satisfaction and sales conversion.

3. Messaging Campaign Programming

With Laraigo you can automate the sending of mass message campaigns to a list of clients through SMS, email and even WhatsApp, the second most popular messaging application worldwide. By integrating your WhatsApp campaigns with Laraigo, your messages with commercial offers will have the best Open Rate (90-98%) and Click-Throug Rate (45-60%) on the market, making your commercial efforts more effective.

4. Opportunity Management

A key part of the business process is following up with those customers who stayed at a certain stage of the sales funnel.

With Laraigo you can access all the information and interaction history of each opportunity, as well as supervise the management of your advisors, review the tags or observations noted by each of them, to assign tasks and coordinate new actions of your team. work that allows you to once again guide your potential clients in your conversion flow.

5. Scheduling Meetings/Appointments

Another of the benefits that it has Laraigo Omnichannel CRM is to be able to integrate the management or scheduling of meetings or appointments with your clients or potential clients through the generation of calendars adapted to the needs of your organization.

Thus, your users choose between the available spaces of your service team through the medium in which they prefer to interact and your advisors are notified of each new schedule.

Grow your business by making the most of the benefits you have with Laraigo CRM Omnichannel. Contact us for more information.