Laraigo | ChatGPT: A Revolution in the best Apple style


Laraigo | ChatGPT: A Revolution in the best Apple style


ChatGPT: A Revolution in the best Apple style

The Silent Revolution of AI in Business

For more than a decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has been quietly transforming the way we interact with website visitors and predict purchasing behaviors. With the arrival of ChatGPT and its impressive deep learning capabilities, The world has begun to wake up to the true potential of AI.  

As Jeff Korhan mentions in his article “unlocking the power of AI tools to make business smarter,” we are excited to be in the early stages of what deep learning can offer. This is a revolution that is just beginning and the next decade promises more advances, than in the last 50 years of humanity. 

Why a revolution at the level of Apple? 

Think of it like this: just as Steve Jobs' iPhone revolutionized mobile technology, ChatGPT-4 Turbo and custom versions of ChatGPT, GPTs, are marking a new chapter in the history of AI. These innovations are redefining the way we personalize digital technology. 

ChatGPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI's latest innovation, is like the iPhone of text generation and language understanding. Its advanced capabilities are setting a new standard in AI, and we're here to help you make the most of them. 

Personalization Available to Everyone! 

OpenAI has released GPTs, an innovative way to create custom ChatGPT versions for specific purposes. These versions allow anyone, even without programming knowledge, to design their own ChatGPT for specific tasks. It's like having the power of the iPhone and the Apple Store in your hands, but for AI. 

Besides, ChatGPT is becoming an essential contributor to solving common and recurring problems in business. It can offer automated solutions in key areas, as: 

  • Delivering accurate estimates and forecasts. 
  • Identification of customer insights. 
  • Minimization of execution errors and delays. 
  • Acceleration of project mobilization. 
  • Focus on communications with clients. 
  • Improving first impressions and follow-ups. 

The GPT Store: A Marketplace for Creativity and Innovation 

Soon, OpenAI will launch the GPT Store, a platform that will allow creators to highlight their innovations in categories such as productivity, education and entertainment. 

Privacy and Security: Priorities in the Digital Age 

Like Apple, security and privacy are paramount. Chats with GPTs are confidential, and full control is given over data transmission to third-party APIs. 

What happens when Artificial Intelligence is integrated into your business? 

These innovations not only transform the way we interact with technology, but also open new avenues for personalization and creativity in the digital world, this translates into more business opportunities and in the possibility of being disruptive when approaching our clients. 

Using the most advanced AI tools to align and align them to meet your business objectives can completely transform your business, optimizing efforts and resources and forever changing the experience of connecting with users.  

Imagine that each interaction with your customers is a unique, customizable and controlled experience, where you have full visibility of the conversion process. Imagine such an advanced Artificial Intelligence capable of recognizing images, voice notes regardless of language or accent, and understanding feelings and emotions. All this is possible with Laraigo, since we create solutions that adapt to your specific needs and objectives through Artificial Intelligence. We are excited to be your ally in this era of digital transformation.