Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)

Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)

Laraigo Insights uses artificial intelligence to enhance the analysis of interactions with your customers. Thanks to Laraigo Insights it is possible to discover important information about the behavior of your customers, response to campaigns, level of service satisfaction, sentiment of conversations, among other information relevant to your business. Automate the processes of generating and updating key indicators and reports so that you don't have to worry about constantly generating them. In addition, Laraigo Insights allows you to consult information using natural language thanks to the most recent language models available on the market.

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)

Main benefits

Interaction Analysis

This provides a complete view of how you communicate with your customers across all channels.

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)
Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)

Automated Reports

Intuitive Dashboards

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)
Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)

Opportunity Detection

Transform your Communications with Laraigo Insights

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)


Increased efficiency in communications management.

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)


Improved customer satisfaction through more relevant messages.

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)


Increased customer retention and generation of additional sales opportunities.

Laraigo | Laraigo Insights with AI (LA.AI)


Data-driven decision making to drive positive results.


Tracking and analyzing all customer interactions can be overwhelming and time-consuming.
Detecting opportunities for improvement in communications management can be a challenge.

Solution: Laraigo Insights

Laraigo Insights is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and improve your communications with customers.

As it does? Analyzing each interaction and generating automated reports and dashboards.

Laraigo Insights is the solution that will allow you use artificial intelligence to carry out your communications with clients to the next level. Don't be left behind in the era of advanced analytics and maximize the value of your customer interactions!

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Other services

With Laraigo, you can manage and automate the flow of your orders and deliveries, which come from WhatsApp on a single platform.
It allows you to manage your company's sales by enabling a shopping cart in WhatsApp, which uses the product catalog, allows order processing and online payment management.
It facilitates the management of service requests and customer incidents, allowing the assignment of work teams, the configuration of service level agreements and the evaluation of their compliance.
With our solution you can schedule and send mass messaging campaigns via WhatsApp, email, phone calls, SMS, among others.