Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

LWC allows you to manage your company's sales by enabling a shopping cart in WhatsApp, which uses the product catalog, which allows you to graphically display your company's commercial offer. Recognize and store your customers' data and allow the fulfillment of orders on the premises, for delivery and in-store pickup. Likewise, it allows the management of online payments for your clients.

Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Main benefits to use WhatsApp Commerce

Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Integrate your WhatsApp channel

Give your customers a unique and innovative shopping experience, integrate your WhatsApp channel with your Facebook product catalog, allowing your customers to choose the products they want, add it to their shopping cart and place their orders. All from the comfort of WhatsApp.

Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Schedule deliveries

You can schedule deliveries and shipments with Laraigo Calendar and Google Maps.

Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Innovative shopping experience

Your customers will get a completely innovative shopping experience with the most used communication channel in the world.

Laraigo | Laraigo WhatsApp Commerce (LWC)

Consumption pattern of your customers

With Laraigo you will obtain your customers' consumption patterns, habits and preferences, important information to create personalized promotions for each customer, which will increase your loyalty rate.

We create your own plan with the features you need

Other services

With Laraigo, you can manage and automate the flow of your orders and deliveries, which come from WhatsApp on a single platform.
It facilitates the management of service requests and customer incidents, allowing the assignment of work teams, the configuration of service level agreements and the evaluation of their compliance.
With our solution you can schedule and send mass messaging campaigns via WhatsApp, email, phone calls, SMS, among others.
It uses artificial intelligence to analyze interactions with customers, providing information about their behavior, satisfaction, and more. It automates the generation of indicators and reports, and allows queries in natural language.