Laraigo | Laraigo success story


Laraigo|Laraigo success story


Learn how our platform has helped our clients

Laraigo| Laraigo success story

Learn about the success story of Claro Perú, who has achieved great results thanks to the implementation of Laraigo as a digital solution in its operations, optimizing the management of the sales process and customer service through its digital channels.

of contacts per month
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conversations attended simultaneously
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interactions per hour
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TME Advisor
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Thanks to the implementation of Laraigo in Claro Perú, the management of sales and customer service operations was optimized through its digital channels.


By Whatsapp

*Compared to the previous year without using Laraigo


in the channels CLEAR WhatsApp

*Compared to the previous year without using Laraigo


Decrease in attention times


In analysis and results of daily operations

*Thanks to the implementation of Dashboard, funnel and custom reports

+ Speed

Improvement in project delivery times with agile methodologies

*Over the previous year
without using Laraigo

Laraigo| Laraigo success story

Meet the virtual assistant of the Claro Perú Store!

You can:

  • Learn everything about Claro products/services.
  • Access the product catalog.
  • Buy through payment platforms without leaving WhatsApp.

  • Schedule shipments and much more.

Or go to

Other success stories

Laraigo| Laraigo success story

Luz del Sur is one of the main energy distribution companies in Peru, serving more than 1.3 million customers.

We are integrated into Luz del Sur systems so that its clients can access information about their services:

  • Download invoices.
  • Know outstanding debt.
  • Report breakdowns and more.


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a month

Our numbers also tell a story

Laraigo| Laraigo success story


Active users
a month

Laraigo| Laraigo success story


Messages sent from Laraigo, up to date

Laraigo| Laraigo success story


Interactions through Laraigo, per day

Laraigo| Laraigo success story


Messaging notifications opened by day

Laraigo| Laraigo success story


Managers connected simultaneously in Laraigo, per day


Advisor 40 minutes


Increase in sales


Reduction of advisors