Laraigo | Laraigo plans and prices


Laraigo|Laraigo plans and prices


Plans and Prices

Regardless of the size and type of business, Laraigo has a plan to suit you.

You pay for unique clients, not for conversations

Omnichannel CRM
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Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices
Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices




Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices
Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices




Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices
Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices



Laraigo +

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices
Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices


Terms of use


The Laraigo platform is hosted on IBM Cloud, providing the necessary support to offer a solution availability of 99.9% per year, however, it does not include the availability of communication channels and/or third-party services.

The concept of Monthly Active Users or MAU (for its acronym in English Monthly Active User), is focused on the very basis of omnichannel, it means that users who contact your company or business will be able to do so from any communication channel. and as many times as they wish during the current calendar month, this allows them to save on additional costs, the way to identify the user will be with some ID, such as their country's identification number, cell phone number, email or any other company or business see relevant.

Laraigo only has an economic cost or benefit through the collection of MAUs (Monthly Active Users), so a benefit for the client is that they can register unlimited users of the solution or users with access to Laraigo, as well as with modules and applications, there are no restrictions regardless of the plan that is contracted, this allows a relationship where Laraigo and Client both win by reducing costs, reducing service personnel and letting virtual assistants take care of the services.

All Laraigo plans have technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the year, depending on the type of plan, service level agreements may have greater advantages

Additional costs:

Laraigo's costs, expressed in the price table, do not include the costs derived from the use of communication platforms, as well as any external service that the client wishes to consume; For example, it does not include costs for telephone minutes, SIP Trunk integration, costs for using the Voximplant (VoiceBot) platform, sending SMS, email, costs for WhatsApp conversations, cost for using the X APIs (Twitter) , Tiktok, among others; Likewise, Laraigo is not responsible for changes in third-party rate plans.

Regarding additional costs for the use of the artificial intelligence service, each case must be reviewed individually. The costs may vary depending on the contracts that the client may or may not maintain with the artificial intelligence representative. Likewise, Laraigo has some artificial intelligence services included in your plan or can also allow the client access to preferential prices.

Finally, regarding the costs of integration with communication channels, Laraigo has no additional costs or commissions for integration with any communication channel, however, in some cases, the communication channel requires a subscription and/or payment for the use of its APIs, in the case of WhatsApp, Laraigo provides in any of its plans the integration of a WhatsApp number, keep in mind that the number must be delivered by the client, likewise the number must be hosted in the account client's Facebook business. If the client requires an additional WhatsApp number, it will cost an extra $10 dollars per month.

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Frequent questions

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

What is the advantage of paying for contacts and not for conversations?

If a contact writes to you via WhatsApp or Messenger, you have no extra costs

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

How much does it cost to have agents on the platform?

With Laraigo you can assign the number of agents you need, there are no additional costs

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Why have this solution for your company?

Our clients automate processes, for example, their reminder messages to increase their sales. Imagine sending repurchase messages to your customers and not depending on new ones to sell. Start now.

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Why Laraigo?

We are a No code platform, yet we have all the potential to link through APIs and make custom solutions. The functionalities that Laraigo offers exist because our customers use them TODAY.

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Can I quote as an additional features that are not included in my plan?

Yes, you can quote and activate modules according to your needs.

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Do you need to integrate with other applications?

We can integrate with any platform through API and it has costs starting at $150 dollars, however it is necessary to consult the scope of the requirement and level of implementation with an advisor.

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Generative or traditional AI?

Both can complement each other to better understand your clients' intentions and provide responses according to their needs. Learn more by talking to our LARA Virtual Assistant

Laraigo| Laraigo plans and prices

Do you need more contacts?

You do not need a new contract or plan, additional contacts are charged at the unit cost of your plan.