Laraigo | 4 Benefits of using push notifications with WhatsApp


Laraigo | 4 Benefits of using push notifications with WhatsApp


4 Benefits of using push notifications with WhatsApp

With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world, becoming a key tool for connecting brands with customers.

How can we take advantage of WhatsApp to communicate our offers or important notifications to improve the relationship with your customers?

One of the most effective ways is by using push notifications or push notifications. WhatsApp offers the possibility of sending push notifications to a list of clients or personalized one by one, but before you can schedule your notifications it is necessary to have a messaging service provider that has the integration of WhatsApp Business API, as Laraigo Omnichannel CRM.

Next, we will talk about 4 benefits of using WhatsApp push notifications with Laraigo through its Laraigo Notification feature.

1. Higher open rates

WhatsApp push notifications have a higher open rate than emails and other means of communication. In fact, according to recent studies, the average open rate for push notifications is 90%, while the open rate for emails is 20%. This means that push notifications are an effective way to reach users and keep them informed.

2. More direct and personalized communication

Push notifications allow more direct and personalized communication with users. This is because messages are sent directly to the user's mobile device and appear on the screen even when the app or service is not open. Additionally, messages can be personalized based on user preferences and behavior, which can increase user loyalty and engagement with the brand or service.

3. Improve user experience

Push notifications can improve the user experience by keeping them updated and informed about news, promotions and service updates. In addition, they allow the user to be more involved and satisfied with the brand or service.

4. Improve the conversion of your campaigns

With Laraigo Notification you can create groups and segment your customers according to their interests and needs to send them push notifications via WhatsAPP, offer them personalized incentives and rewards, and maintain effective communication between the brand and its users.

How can I send push notifications to my clients on WhatsApp?

To send push notifications to your clients on WhatsApp, you must use a digital tool such as, Laraigo Omnichannel CRM than with its Laraigo Notification feature. allow you schedule and send mass messages or one by one in an automated way.

Contact us so that one of our specialists can contact you and you can start taking advantage of the benefits of using push notifications for your company.